Report of: Director of Community Services Date: 17 May 2021

Cabinet Portfolio: Infrastructure, Licensing and Major Events


1.0 Purpose

To amend the order for the car parking area to be extended and to review current parking charges at Scolton Manor.

2.0 Executive Summary

That the following amendments are proposed to the current parking area and to the parking fees at Scolton Manor, subject to due legal process being followed.

1. Proposed amendment to extend the parking area

It is proposed to extend the parking area available at Scolton Manor to meet increasing demand and as overflow parking as and when needed such as during events. This will need a Variation order and require consultation.

2. Proposed Changes to Charges by Notice of Variation

It is proposed to vary the current parking charges via a Notice of Variation under $35C of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 and Pt V of the Local Authority Traffic Orders (Procedure) (England & Wales) Regulations 1996. A Notice of Variation requires the authority to notify the public by way of an advert in the local press and erecting notices on site. Although a Notice of Variation informs the public of the proposed changes, it does not require consultation.

The proposals are:

CHARGES CURRENT PROPOSED Up to 2 Hours £3.00 £3.50

Up to 4 Hours £3.50 £4.00

All Day £4.00 £4.50 Annual Parking £20.00 £25.00

3.0 Background and Context

A review of current parking charges at Scolton Manor has been undertaken to ensure they are set at the optimal level that balances the full cost recovery with the need to

ensure that there is adequate parking provision at the site. The additional income will be used to create additional parking and maintenance of the additional parking areas.

Main Issues

Against the backdrop of significant investment and parking improvements implemented in 2020/21, as part of delivering against the Scolton Manor Transformation Plan, by creating new parking areas the increase of fees reflects the full cost recovery and investment proposed for the off street parking provision at this location and is in accordance with S 55 & S 122 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.

A low-cost annual parking charge ensures that the site remains affordable and accessible to communities.

In addition, the proposed extension to the existing car parking areas, by creating an overflow parking area on the open field by investing in a grass protection mesh product, will fulfil the identified business need to increase parking capacity at the site. The new overflow parking area will also increase parking capacity as demand at the site has increased. It is anticipated that the proposed increased charges will generate an extra £5k, which will be invested in the installation of the new overflow parking area.


The proposed changes to charges, and amendments to extend the parking area, are intended in line with full cost recovery and the Scolton Manor Transformation Plan, and to keep the site and its services accessible to communities.

Comments by Director of Resources

The financial issues are shown in the body of the report.

Comments by Head of Legal and Democratic Services

The legal issues are set out in the body of the report.

Comments by Chief Human Resources Officer

There is no workforce impact that needs to be taken into consideration. RECOMMENDATIONS:

That the following be endorsed subject to due legal process:

1. Amend the car parking area, by a Variation order.

2. Amend the existing Parking charges via a Notice of Variation.


In line with full cost recovery.

Background Documents: None