Report of: Director of Community Services Date: 17" May 2021

Cabinet Portfolio: Planning



This report seeks approval from Cabinet for the adoption of two documents as Supplementary Planning Guidance. Supplementary Planning Guidance provides additional guidance and support to Local Development Plans (LDP). The two documents proposed for adoption are both intended as Supplementary Planning Guidance to support the Council's current LDP (LDP 1). The topics covered are the Historic Environment (Archaeology) and Biodiversity.

Background and Context

Supplementary Planning Guidance is a material planning consideration. Once a document has been subject to public consultation, it can be adopted as Supplementary Planning Guidance to support a Local Development Plan.

Both documents have been prepared jointly with Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority. Cabinet agreed to publish both documents for public consultation on 5™ October 2020. The joint public consultation ran until 12" February 2021. A formal notice was published in the Western Telegraph and Pembrokeshire Herald advertising the consultation and a press release advertising the consultation was also sent to local papers and radio outlets. Copies were made available on both Authorities websites. A reminder of the impending closing date for comments was placed in a press release in mid-January 2021.

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority's Committee is considering both documents as part of a wider Supplementary Planning Guidance report on the 5" May 2021.

A report summarising the results of the public consultation and identifying recommended changes to the Supplementary Planning Guidance is attached as Appendix A part 1. One detailed representation is presented in full as Appendix A part 2. A total of 10 consultation responses were received, making 23 representations on the documents.

The Authority already has a Supplementary Planning Guidance document on Biodiversity, which was adopted in 2014. An updated version has been developed in response to the introduction of the Environment (Wales) Act 2016 and a letter from

WG in 2019, which requires all development to include biodiversity enhancement. The updated Biodiversity Supplementary Planning Guidance provides guidance to developers and the public on how these enhancements can be achieved in different developments as well as technical advice on this area.

Main Issues

The main changes identified to the Supplementary Planning Guidance following the public and internal consultations are:

a. Changes to the Archaeology SPG to reflect best practice approaches suggested by Dyfed Archaeological Trust.

b. An additional Appendix within the Biodiversity SPG which provides guidance on peat, reflecting the increasing understanding of the role of peatland as an area important as a carbon store and aiming to prevent disturbance of these areas.

c. Minor changes to the Biodiversity SPG to reflect technical feedback from Natural Resources Wales.

d. Updates to both documents to ensure references are to Planning Policy Wales Edition 11 rather than Edition 10, following updated publication by WG.

These changes are aimed at improving the implementation of the SPG.

Minor re-wording and editing changes throughout the document are also proposed to improve clarity. A final version of both of the Supplementary Planning Guidance documents proposed for adoption is available at Appendices B and C. The changes proposed are shown as track changes with underlined inserts and strike throughs.


The two Supplementary Planning Guidance documents provide technical detail in support of the adopted Local Development Plan (LDP1).

They have been subject to appropriate public consultation and minor amendments are now proposed to reflect comments raised as part of this public consultation.

Adoption of these two Supplementary Planning Guidance documents will support the delivery of the Council’s adopted Local Development Plan.

Comments by Director of Finance

There are no financial issues arising from this report.

Comments by Head of Legal and Democratic Services

There are no legal issues arising from this report.

Comments by Head of Human Resources There are no human resources issues arising from this report.

Impact Assessment

The Supplementary Planning Guidance has been considered against the five ways of working (long term, prevention, integration, collaboration, involvement) in the Well- being of Future Generations sustainable development principle. The Supplementary Planning Guidance has been developed in line with the Well-being of Future Generation Act sustainable development principles.

It is not anticipated that the documents will impact on protected characteristic groups as defined within the Equality Act 2010.

In accordance with the Councils use of Welsh Language policy (2016), both documents were made available bilingually during the public consultation and both documents will be published bilingually upon adoption.


1. Agree the Officers response to the consultation responses received in Appendix A part 1.

2. Adopt the Supplementary Planning Guidance on: a) Archaeology (Joint with Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority) b) Biodiversity (Joint with Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority) which reflect edits proposed in Appendix A to this report.

3. Provide delegated authority to the Director of Community Services to make further minor edits to take account of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority’s consideration of the representations on the two Joint Supplementary Planning Guidance documents.

REASON FOR RECOMMENDATION: To support the delivery of the adopted Local Development Plan.