of Gerontology 1987, Vol. 42, No. 6, 694-700

Psychological Sciences

Journal of Gerontology

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Miter. | dV. in Secretion: An Early Manifestation of Aging in the Rat ...........00.+eeeeeceeeeeeneeeseeeetseeeeeeeeees K. R. Mrrrat np F. H. Locmant. Age-Related Reduction i in 8th Cervical Ventral Nerve Root Myelinated Fiber Diameters and Numbers in Man ...... . . Jeanne Y. Wet, YuN-X1A Li, AnD JULIA RAGLAND. Effeet of Exercise Training on Resting Blood Pressure and Heart Rate in Adult and Aged Rats ....... D. A. Cunnincuam, P. A. RECHNITZER, J. H. Howarp, ano A. P. Donner. Exercise Training of Men at Retirement: A Clinical Trial ............... Medical Sciences Ricuarp W. Latin, STEPHEN C. JOHNSON, AND RoBert O. RUHLING. An Anthropometric Estimation of Body Composition of Older Men ............. Jack D. Sopet AnD DonaLp Kaye. The Role of Bacterial Adherence in Urinary Tract Infections in Elderly Adults ........ Ricarp F. Unimann, Eric B. Larson, AND Davip M. BUCHNER. Correlations of Mini-Mental State and Modified Dementia Rating Scale to Measures of Psychological Sciences

Jersey Lianc, Hrrosui ASANO, KENNETH A. BOLLEN, Eva F. KAHANA, AND Datsaku MAepa. Cross-Cultural Comparability of the Philadelphia Geriatric

Gary T. Reker, Epwarp J. Peacock, AND Pau T. P. WONG. Meaning and Purpose in Life and Well-Being: A Life-Span Perspective .............. Paut T. Costa, Jr., ALAN B. ZONDERMAN, RoBert R. McCrak, JoaN CoRNoNI-HUNTLEY, BEN Z. LOCKE, AND HELEN E. BaRBaNno. Longitudinal

Analyses of Psychological Well-Being in a National Sample: Stability of Mean Levels ...........0000cccccceceeeeeeeeceeeeeeeeceeeeeees ALBERT Kozma AND M. J. Stones. Social Desirability in Measures of Subjective Well-Being: A Systematic Evaluation ..................22.20000005 Rosert J. Maen. Learned Helplessness and Depression: A Test of the Reformulated Model ...... Caro_e K. HOLAHAN AND CHARLES J. HOLAHAN. Self-Efficacy, Social Support, and Depress’ : in Aging: A Longitudinal Analysis ................... Mary C. Burcer, Jack BOTWINICK, AND MARTHA STORANDT. Aging, Alcoholism, and Performance on the Luria-Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery . . Ciame Murpny AND JEANNE WITHEE. Age and Biochemical Status Predict Preference for Casein Hydrolysate ...........0000eceeeeeeecceeeuceees Donan K. INGRAM, RicHaRD WEINDRUCH, EDWARD L. SPANGLER, JOHN R. FREEMAN, AND Roy L. WALForD. Dietary Restriction Benefits Learning and

Jane E. CLARK, ANN K. LANPHEAR, AND CaroL C. Rippick. The Effects of Videogame Playing on the Resp Selection Pr ing of Elderly Adults .. Marion M. Jacewicz AND ALAN A. HARTLEY. Age Differences in the Speed of Cognitive Operations: Resolution of Inconsistent DE ecckceerh <ceve Diane Bevoncia Le BRECK AND Age and Practice Effects in Continuous Recognition Memory ........ Lee Hyer, Imocene Gouver, W: Harrison, Janet Warsaw, Denise Coutsourmis. Depression, Anxiety, Paranoid Reactions,

Social Sciences

J. Serow. Determinants of Interstate Migration: Differences Between Elderly and Nonelderly Movers Joseru P. Tierney. A Comparative Examination of the Residential Segregation of Persons 65 to 75 and Persons 75 and Above in 18 United States Metropolitan

Sue Levkorr, Paut D. CLEARY, AND TERRIE WETLE. Differences in the Appraisal of Health Between Aged and Middle-Aged Adults ................-

Sanpra Hae, Joe, Myerson, AND Davip Wacstarr. General Slowing of Nonverbal Information Processing: Evidence for a Power Law. .......-....-- Joun E. OveRALL. Estimating Sample Size for Longitudinal Studies of Age-Related Cognitive Decline ZEPELIN AND CATHLEEN S. McDona.p. Age Differences in Autonomic Variables During Sleep Incrip D. Gotpstrom, Barsara J. Burns, Larry G. Kesster, A. FEUERBERG, Davin B. Larson, NANcy ©. MILLER, AND WARD J. CROMER. Mental Health Services Use by Elderly Adults in a Primary Care Setting ....... Byron A. CAMPBELL AND JAMES R. Gappy. Rate of Aging and Dietary Restriction: Sensory and Motor Function in the Fischer 344 Rat ...........-..-- J. Tuomas Pucuisi anp Denise Cortis Park. Perceptual Elaboration and Memory in Older Adults ELLEN Boucuarp RYAN AND Dierpre G. JoHNSTON. The Influence of Communication Effectiveness on Evaluations of Younger and Older Adult Speakers . Bruce J. Ape. AND Bert Haysup, Jr. Locus of Control and Retirement Preparation

Biological Sciences

EuisaBetta Dati’ Acuio, HELEN CHANG, GERALD M. REAVEN, AND SALMAN AZHAR. Age-Related Changes in Rat Muscle Glycogen Synthase Activity .

Jeames A. Wacner, STEVEN M. Horvatu, Kaoru Krracawa, anp Nits W. BoLpuan. Comparisons of Blood and Urinary Responses to Cold Exposures in in

Howarp M. Finurr, Eva Kemeny, Victoria Luine, Marc E. ¥/?KSLER, AND JOHN B. ZaBpriskie. Antivascular Antibodies in the Sera of Patients with Senile

Medical Sciences

Joserx Cau, Psuta Diener, Feic., Gwen GLAzFKE, Coin Becc, ARVIN GLICKSMAN, AND Forp. The Effect of Age on the Care of Women Morty Carnes, Karen Govos, A. Craic. Post-Geriatric Evaluation Unit Follow-Up: Team Versus

Graypon S. MENEILLY, KeNNeTH L. Minaker, DartusH ELant, AND Joun W. Rowe. Insulin Action in Aging Man: Evidence for Tissue-Specific Differences

Kennetu R. CHapMan AND Net S. CHERNIACK. Aging Effects on the Interaction of Hypercapnia and Hypoxia as Ventilatory Stimuli ................- Nosoru Topa anp Mizvo Mrvazak1. Senescent Beagle Coronary Arteries in Response to Catecholamines and Adrenergic Nerve Stimulation ........... .

Vous 42 NuMBER 1 Bi ical Sciences 3 8 ll 17 24 29 37 “4 50 : 60 65 3 73 78 82 86 92 95 101 107 114 VoLume 42 MARCH, 1987 NuMBER 2 131 | 137 142 147 154 160 163 165 168 173 180 . 191 196 202 210


Social Sciences

Medical Sciences

Tuepa A. Foster, E. Hace, Sa Hanur R. Srinivasan, James L. CRESANTA, AND GERALD S. BERENSON. Levels of Sel Factors in a Sample of Geriatric Participants The Dunedin Program

Jouanna T. Dwyer, K. ANN Coveman, Kraut, Gam Au Yanc, Mynn Scanian, Lori Gatper, EvizaBeTH WINTHROP, AND PATRICIA Suuvan. Changes in Relative Weight Among Institutionalized Elderly Adults

Gwen Yeo, Livpa IncraM, JOAN SKURNICK, AND LawkENcE Crapo. Effects of a Geriatric Clinic on Functional Health and Well-Being of Elders

Jack S. MANDEL AND Leonarp M. ScHuMAN. Sexual Factors and Prostatic Cancer: Results from a St

L. Rocumann, Patricia A. TaBLosxi, Davip W. BENTLEY, AND GERALD SCHIFFMAN. Variation by Age, Sex, and Functional Impairment A. Fearuerstone, Ricnarp C. Verru, Davip Fiatness, M. Micnece Mursurc, Enrique C. ViLLacres, AND Jerrrey B. HALTer. Age and Alpha-2 Adrenergic Regulation of Plasma Norepinephrine Kinetics in Humans

D. Mutrow, Joun R. Feussner, Brett C. AND KaTuryn A. Voxaty. The Value of Clinical Findings in the Detection of Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus

Social Sciences IsumaeL O. OKRAKU. Age and Attitudes Toward Multigenerational Residence, 1973 to 1983 Dae E. Yeatrs, Jeanne C. Biccar, anp Cuantes F. L » Jn. Dist Versus

Biological Sciences Bennett J. Conen, Davin Danon, AND Georce S. Rota. Wound Repair in Mice as Influenced by Age and Antimacrophage Serum

Bennett J. Conen, Ricnarp G. Curier, AND Georce S. Roru. Accelerated Wound Repair in Old Deer Mice (Peromyscus maniculatus) and White-Footed Mice ( leucopus)

Cueryi A. CONOVER, Ron G. ROSENFELD, AND RAYMOND L. Hintz. Somatomedin C/Insulin-Like Growth Factor I Binding and Action in Human Fibroblasts Aged in Culture: Impai gism with D

Jacqueuine CaRrere, Guy SERRE, CurisTiAN VINCENT, FRANCOISE CROUTE, JEAN-PIERRE SOLEILHAVOUP, JeAN-PAUL THOUVENOT, AND CATHERINE FicaRELLa. Human Serum Pancreatic Lipase and Trypsin 1 in Aging: Enzymatic and matic Assays

Marian RISSENBERG AND Murray GLAnzeRr. Free Recall and Word Finding Ability in Normal Aging and Senile Dementia of the Alzheimer’s Type: The Effect of Item Concreteness

Susan Kemper. Life-Span Changes in Syntactic Complexity

Maaco B. Lapwor. Does the Brain Age Uniformly? Evidence from Effects of Smooth Pursuit Eye Movements on Verbal and Visual Tasks

Marcaret Gatz, Nancy L. PEDERSEN, AND JENNIFER Harris. Measurement Characteristics of the Mental Health Scale from the OARS

Matruew J. Saarps anp Eucene S. GoLuin. Memory for Object Locations in Young and Elderly Adults

Marruew J. SHarps anp Eucene S. Gouin. Speed and Accuracy of Mental Image Rotation in Young and Elderly Adults

K. York Haacanp, Lynn F. Vranes, James S. Goopwin, AND Pump J. Garry. Wisconsin Card Sort Test Performance in a Healthy Elderly Population

Social Sciences CHRISTOPHER JOHN GILLEARD AND ALI ARSLAN GURKAN. Socioeconomic Development and the Status of Elderly Men in Turkey: A Test of Modernization Theory S. Jay OLSHANSKY. Simultaneous/Multiple Cause-Delay (SIMCAD): An Epidemiological Approach to Projecting Mortality Juprru W. Meyer. A Regional Scale Temporal Analysis of the Net Migration Patterns of Elderly Persons Over Time Gay Youneé anp WiniFreD DowLinc. Dimensions of Religiosity in Old Age: Accounting for Variation in Types of Participation Wenpy A. Camptone. A Married Woman's Retirement Decision: A Methodological Comparison Warp L. Ropcers anp A. Recuta Herzoc. Interviewing Older Adults: The Accuracy of Factual Information

Medical Sciences Epwarb Hetmes, KALMAN G. CsaPo, AND JuDITH-ANN SHORT. Standardization and Validation of the Multidimensional Observation Scale for Elderly Subjects (MOSES) James J. Smrra, C. Vincent Hucnes, Micnaet J. Pracin, Juu.A. Barney, Feux E. Tristani, AnD THomas J. Epert. The Effect of Age on Hemodynamic Response to Graded Postural Stress in Normal Men Joun C. a Rustin, Erwarp J. Morris, AND STEPHEN A. MANDEL. Senile Dementia of the Alzheimer’s Type: An Important Risk Factor for

Rose T. Zacks, Lynn HasHer, Bonnie DoreN, VERNED* HAMM, AND Mary S. Attic. Encoding and Memory of Explicit and Implicit Information

Denise C. AND N. DuDLEY. Cue Utilization and Encoding Specificity in Picture Recognition by Older Adults

Brapiey D. HatrieLp, ALLAN H. Govprars, Gary A. AND G. FLYNN. Serum Beta-Endorphin Exercise in Young and Elderly Men

Biological Sciences Rocer McCarter AND JANiceE McGee. Influence of Nutrition and Aging on the Composition and Function of Rat Skeletal Muscle Par J. SCARPACE AND Byunc Pat Yu. Diet Restriction Retards the Age-Related Loss of Beta-adrenergic Receptors and Adenylate Cyclase Activity in Rat


A. Eucene Peary, Carnot J. Leon F. Turner, Jr., G. WALFISH, AND JEROME M. HersHman. Hypothalamic Secretion of Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone Declines in Aging Rats

Masaaki SAWADA AND JOHN C. CARLSON. Association Betweer. Lipid Peroxidation and Life-Modifying Factors in Rotifers

695 219 J. Scorr Osperc, GAYLe E. MCGINNIS, GERBEN DEJONG, AND ! YMAE EWARD. Life Datisiaction ai uality of Lite Among Diss erly Adu 228 Ps VoLumE 42 MAY, 1987 NUMBER 3 2 241 246 252 259 265 271 an 277 ination: Stream Selectivity of Elderly Interstate Migrants ..... 288 et 302 308 315 318 323 329 332 336 4 Vouume 42 JULY, 1987 NuMBER 4 : 353 358 366 376 381 395 412 Psychological Sciences 418 423 if 426 429 4 432 442 447 451

696 JOURNAL OF GERONTOLOGY VoLuME 42 SEPTEMBER, 1987 NumBer 5 Cucini, Murano, Prernatace Lucia, CLaupio Letizia, Domenico Scavo, FRANZ HALSERG, AND HAxeEL SCHRAMM. The Gerontological Decline of the Renin-Aldosterone System: A Approach Extended to Essential Hypertension 461 Puiu C. Fox, Marc W. Herr, Mmm Herrera, Mary R. Bowers, Inwin D. MANDEL, AND Bruce J. Baum. Secretion of Antimicrobial Proteins from the Yoko YAMAMOTO AND YOSHISADA Fujrwara. Culture-Age Effect on Uracil-DNA Glycosylase Activity in Normal Human Skin Fibroblasts .............. 470 Marc R. Biackman, Panayiotis D. Tsrrouras, AND S. MrrcHeLt HARMAN. Reproductive Hormones in Aging Men III: Basal and LHRH-Stimulated Serum Concentrations of the Common Alpha-Subunit of the Glycoprotein Hormones ........ 476 CarLo BerToNI-FREDDARI, CARLO Gru, CARLO Preri, DANILO Pact, LoREDANA AMADIO, MARCO ERMINI, AND ANANT Dravip. The Effect of Chronic Hydergine Treatment on the Plasticity of Synaptic Junctions in the Dentate Gyrus of Aged Rats ...... 482 WiLuiaM SCHUMER AND Ropert E. Kutrner. Effect of Aging on Hepatic Carbohydrate Metabolism in Septic Rats ........ 487 Epwarp W. Gresik AND SICHTRO MARUYAMA. Inductive Effects of Triiodothyronine or Dihydrotestosterone on EGF in the Submandibular Glands of Young, Psychological Sciences FREDDA BLANCHARD-FIELDs AND Susan L. Ropinson. Age Differences in the Relation Between Controllability and Coping ..........---+0+++00ee005 497 Jane C. IRION AND FREDDA BLANCHARD-FiELDs. A Cross-Sectional Comparison of Adaptive Coping in Adulthood ..............00000eeeeeeeeeeeee 302 Tuomas M. Hess, MAUREEN O. VANDERMAAS, JAN DONLEY, AND SAMUEL S. SNYDER. Memory for Sex-Role Consistent and Inconsistent Actions in Young and Joun E. DatTon, SanrorD L. PEDERSON, BERNHARD E. Biom, anp Nancy R. Howmes. Diagnost-c Errors Using the Short Portable Mental Status Social Sciences Ton C. ANTONUCCI AND Himoxo Axkryama. Social Networks in Adult Life and a Preliminary Examination of the Convoy Model .............00-+000++ 519 Kennetu F. Ferraro. Double Jeopardy to Health ior Black Older Adults? .............0cccceccceccccccerececccseceeeeseeesseessesseerese 528 Sreruen M. Gouant. Residential Moves by Elderly Persons to U.S. Central Cities, Suburbs, and Rural Areas 534 Medical Sciences L. C. DeMaria, Jr. anp Harvey Jay Conen. Characteristics of Lung Cancer in Elderly Patients ....... S40 aS er Leo F. JAEGER, AND Ricuarp C. Verru. The Importance of Body Composition to the Increase In Plasma Norepinephrine Appearance Dennis M. Brack, Ricwarp J. Branp, MERWYN GREENLICK, GLENN HUGHES, AND JACQUELINE SMITH. Compliance to Treatment for Hypertension in Ricnarp A. Hussian AnD Dessie C. Brown. Use of Two-Dimensional Grid Patterns to Limit Hazardous Ambulation in Demented Patients ............ 558 VoLuME 42 NOVEMBER, 1987 NUMBER 6 T. SCIALFA AND Paut A. GAMES. Problems With Step-Wise R gression in R on Aging and Recommended Alternatives ........-......+ 579 Joan B. Woop anp SrepHen W. Harkins. Efiects of Age, Stimulus Selection, and 584 Neat Krause. Understanding the Stress Process: Linking Social Support with Locus of Control Beliefs 589 SHaron GUARNERA AND Ropert L. Wituiams. Optimism and Locus of Control for Health and Affiliation Among Elderly Adults ...............-+..++- 594 Fran H. Norris. Effects of Attrition on Relationships Between Variables in 597 Fran H. Norris anp STANLEY A. MuRRELL. Older Adult Family Stress and Adaptation Before and After Bereavement ..........--.-.-+++++-0-00005 606 Gam Lee Carrerata. Marital Status, Living Arrangements, and the Use of Health Services by Elderly Persons ....... 613 Davi T. R. Berry, Barsara A. Yvette R. Cook, Freperick A. Scumrrr, Rosin L. Grmore, Ragesn Pater, Tuomas M. KEENER, AND EvizaBetu Tyne. Sleep-Disordered Breathing in Healthy Aged Persons: Possible Daytime Sequelae ....... 620 Lee Witus, Pauta Tuomas, Pauup J. Garry, AND James S. Goopwin. A Prospective Study of R to Stressful Life Events in Initially Healthy Elders 627 Josern G. OusLANDER, LYNNE Morisnrra, JENNA BLAUSTEIN, SUSAN Onz=ck, SHERRI DUNN, AND JAMES SAYRE. Clinical, Functional, and Psychosocial Waxrer H. Errincer, Junie A. Casant, Patricia Jay Coon, Denis C. MULLER, AND KATHERINE P1Azza-APPEL. Patterns of Use of the Emergency Rosert Snort, Darrev. D. Wiuiams, AND Doucias M. BowpeN. Cross-Sectional Evaluation of Potential Biological Markers of Aging in Pigtailed Macaques: Elects of Age, Sam, amd What GLENN L. Inton, Usna S. VASTHARE, AND RoNnaLp F. Tuma. Age-Related Change in Skeletal Muscle Blood Flow in the Rat ..............-+++-0005- 660 Heen A. Bertranp, Wesiey R. ANDERSON, Epwarp J. Masono, anp Byunc Pat Yu. Action of Food Restriction on Age-Related Changes in Adipocyte HEICKLEN AND ELLEN Brown. | in Life Exp y for Mice Fed Diethylhydroxylamine (DEHA) ..........6--0-0eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees 674 L. Jame Frrren, James F. Fioop, Ciaupe F. Baxter, H. Tacniki, AND Kent Perryman. Long-Term Oral Administration of Memory- Enhancing Doses of Tacrine in Mice: A Study of Potential Toxicity and Side Effects 681

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